MailTrix for Notes

E-mail is a mission-critical function of your organization. It requires expert management and advanced tools to keep the system running smoothly and efficiently. Costs are skyrocketing and it’s your job to reign them in and take control. To keep your system from running rampant requires understanding it from top to bottom, and the ability to report on every aspect.

MailTrix can help.

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Some corporations still think managing the activity of a large distributed mail system is a costly and colossal task that strains precious resources. Think again.

MailTrix from OpenScope is a complete e-mail metric system that collects, stores, and publishes information for the Lotus Notes & Domino messaging platform. You can track information, measure e-mail activities and monitor your entire messaging environment. It’s easy and cost effective. In other words, you can stay at the top of your game without breaking a sweat.

MailTrix covers all your crucial needs with powerful tools to generate an array of reports and information. Better still, that information is automatically published to administrators and your user community through Domino’s standard document publishing model that strengthens your company intranet. No need to deploy additional software to access the information – a simple Notes client or Web browser (via Domino Web server) will do. Best of all, MailTrix’s custom e-mail based reporting generates proactive participation by identifying consumption on an individual basis.

Clients from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies agree that MailTrix makes electronic messaging easier, more manageable, and cost effective. Case in point: one Lotus Notes site recently reported a 15% reduction in disk space consumption by using MailTrix disk reporting and notification services and the recovery of hundreds of unused client licenses through account inactivity reporting. The result: the company was able to eliminate the need to purchase additional servers and client software, resulting in a considerable cost savings.

Access. Communication. Action.

MailTrix was designed for one purpose: to increase your productivity, improve your response time, and reduce the costs of managing your e-mail system.

These are critical to building and maintaining a competitive edge in this fast-paced global economy. And OpenScope makes them as simple and fundamental as our philosophy. You see, at OpenScope, we think it’s shortsighted to develop new technologies that alter your business processes. We prefer to develop innovative technologies that give you better, easier and more cost-effective ways to manage the ones you have.

Your investment in Lotus Notes technology is a sound one. MailTrix maximizes your investment by adding valuable elements that make your e-mail system more manageable, more efficient and a greater asset to your business.

MailTrix, the only complete, Domino based e-mail metric system for Lotus Notes.
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