OpenScope, Inc. is a small California technology company with big ideas. We specialize in the design and development of web based software delivered as a service and back-end corporate software solutions that solve real world problems. No problem is too big and no idea too small for us to handle.

Founded in 1995 in Redwood City, California, OpenScope was primarily focused on delivering back-end IT solutions to Fortune 500 companies. Bringing expertise from years “in the trenches” at companies like Hewlett-Packard and Lotus Development Corporation, OpenScope’s first product, InfoDirect, was a forward thinking platform that published and delivered content to the Web over e-mail. Based on HP’s OpenMail messaging system, InfoDirect for OpenMail attempted to put the power of web publishing into the hands of everyone who had an e-mail account, not just those that were familiar with the recently introduced concepts of HTML and web servers. While mildly successful (who knew that the e-mail and web teams in most Fortune 500 companies were separate and at odds with each other), the InfoDirect platforms greatest achievement may have been giving birth to MailTrix.

MailTrix is a complete e-mail metric system that collects, stores, and publishes detailed usage information about the use (and abuse) of electronic messaging at large organizations. Originally developed for the HP OpenMail messaging platform using the InfoDirect web publishing engine, MailTrix for OpenMail allowed organizations to track consumption, measure e-mail activities, and monitor the entire messaging environment. The OpenMail version of MailTrix was deployed successfully at dozens of Fortune 500 organizations and managed over half a million e-mail mailboxes at companies including AT&T, BMW, and even Hewlett-Packard itself. When HP decided to exit the messaging business and discontinue OpenMail by licensing it to Samsung, OpenScope responded by offering MailTrix for Samsung Contact. Simultaneously, we began porting the solution to IBM/Lotus Development Corporation’s Notes & Domino messaging solution.

MailTrix for Notes was released at Lotusphere 2000 in Orlando and has seen a very successful run at dozens of organizations, both large and small. The California Department of Transportation relies extensively on MailTrix to manage it’s 22,000 Notes mail users across dozens of Domino servers.

In 2004, with the success of MailTrix firmly established, OpenScope began looking at other markets that could be served with their process re-engineering expertise. Taking on a small project to re-invent the way that an independent owner of a second home could market and mange his property resulted in the development and launch of VRconnection. While online advertising of vacation homes as vacation rentals was pioneered by the likes of VRBO and CyberRentals, no one was offering an end-to-end solution to manage all aspects of the vacation rental business for the independent proprietor/home owner. VRconnection filled that void by offering a web based, software as a service, platform to independent owners (and some property managers) that both markets properties as well as manages the inquiries and guests that resulted from those and other marketing efforts. Offering seamless integration with all advertising venues, VRconnection has become the premier web based service for independent vacation rental owners, serving hundreds of owners managing properties around the world.

OpenScope continues to investigate, develop, and deliver innovative solutions in an ever-connected world.